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Game Stats

Title: Venus Guild
Studio: 3DX Haven Games
Artist: 3dxHaven
Genre: 2D Point & Click Adventure for Adults
Related to: Luisa B., Dreams of Luisa, Sexxi, mxm-studios, 3dxhaven, Luisa3D, Luisa3Dx
Current game version: (non-public pre-alpha)
Next Version: / January 2021

Social Media Contact:
Mail: 3dxhaven (at) gmail (dot) com

Message for Content Creators

Many thanks for being interested in VG and to probably featuring it in your content! But before you start writing articles and creating videos, be aware that the public version of Venus Guild will contain explicit pornographic imagery! While many parts of the game are just a bit 'inappropriate', other parts can easily get your YouTube Channel closed, so to say! I really appreciate your support but i don't want to get you into trouble. Take care.

I will also add some censored promo pics on this page as soon as i can.

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More to come

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About Venus Guild

"Venus Guild" is a 2D Point&Click Adventure Game for Adults, currently under early development.

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