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Some burning questions about the Game "Venus Guild".

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Answers (Basics)

What is "Venus Guild"

"Venus Guild" is a game that's currently under early development (pre-alpha) and that has not been released yet.

In which genre does the game fit?

First of all "Venus Guild" fits into the Adult Entertainment category, since it contains sexual digital art. The core game is a 2D Point & Click Adventure (often jokingly referred to as "DD Porn & Click Sexventure") with many story-telling elements.

When will the game be released?

It's way too early to nail down a release date. But the first public version will be the Pre-Alpha Demo (0.0.10). You can find the current progress on the startpage.

Will VG be free? How much will it cost?

VG is not a free game. But there will be a free demo and other advantages for those who support the project on patreon (page under construction). But don't worry, i'm thinking about a price tag of somewhere between 10 and 20 bucks only. It's hard to say atm.


How many people are working on VG?

"Venus Guild" is being developed by only one person, the indie-dev and 3D Artist 3dxhaven, formerly known as MaXsiM, who is mostly known for his comics and visual novels "Dreams of Luisa" and "Luisa B.".

What software is being used for development?

Unity. And a ton of other programs for the 3D/3DX art: Daz Studio (iray), Photoshop, Maya, just to name a few (no endorsements).

What languages will be supported?

English and German. Other languages could be added once after fullversion 1.0 is done. But that's super far in the future, so no guarantee.

Is VG a mobile game?

No. VG is being developed with only PC-Desktops in mind. The game contains rich graphics in Full HD (1920x1080).


Will the game contain explicit scenes?

Of course, that's what the game is about. But you got to play well to get all the newd pixels ;)

How many characters can i play?

You mainly follow the main protagonist Luisa throughout the game, but there are plenty of other characters and side quests to explore.

What is the overall setting?

It's all about Luisa's universe, a believable modern life environment. I'm talking about hyper-realistic 3D-Characters, super rich locations, original 3D-Models and high quality renders.

Will there be boobs?

Oh yes.

Is it 1st person?

Nope. VG works like a classical point & clicker where you have a 2D side view and watch the character walking through the room, interacting with stuff.

Is Venus Guild a multiplayer?

No. It's a tasty single player experience.

How can i support the project?

A patreon page is currently under construction. Apart from that, spread the word. Support the project on Twitter and elsewhere. Once it is ready, buy a copy. Thank you very much!

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"Venus Guild" is a 2D Point&Click Adventure Game for Adults, currently under early development.

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