Luisa and the Venus Guild - A Porn & Click Sexventure Game

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This is the official website of the Game "Venus Guild", an Erotic Point & Click Adventure for Adults.

Venus Guild is being made by the indie dev and 3DX artist 3dxHaven, formerly known as maxsim (that was a long time ago), who is currently working on the public Pre-Alpha Demo.

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Roadmap to playable Demo

0.0.1 - Prototype
0.0.2 - Level 1 Update
0.0.3 - Level 2 Update
0.0.4 - Menu Update
0.0.5 - The Sybil Update
0.0.6 - The Map Update
0.0.7 - The Feature Update
0.0.8 - Graphical Update - Scene 1 polishing - Scene 2 polishing - Scene 3 polishing - Features & Content - Translations - Preparation
0.0.10 - Pre-Alpha Demo Release

Game Features

- Typical Point & Click Functionality
- Also Visual Novel Elements
- Quests, Reward-System, Puzzles
- Interactive Dialogue System
- Many Locations
- A Worldmap to travel around
- Day/Night Routine
- High Quality 3D Renders
- Original 3D Characters

coming soon

Demo Content

The Pre-Alpha Demo (0.0.10) will be the first playable version of the game. The Demo will contain the first chapter that serves as Introduction/Tutorial. The demo will be free (name your price). Dependent on player's responses the game will be fine-shaped organically until the final release.

A Patreon page is under preparation, releases over and Steam are also possible. But please let me make one step after another and check back soon ;)

Release Plan

I'm currently in the long phase between prototyping and finishing the public demo. Corona crisis also forced me to slow down developing. After a hiatus in '21, i continued developing in early '22.

After a successful Demo-Launch the game will move to Alpha. During Alpha-Phase much more content will be added to VG. After that there will be a short Beta-Phase for testing/fixing until the game reaches Fullversion 1.0, whenever that may be ;)

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About Venus Guild

"Venus Guild" is a 2D Point&Click Adventure Game for Adults, currently under early development.

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